ORBITRAC 3 frequently asked questions

How do I attach the cleaning cartridge to the Orbitrac?

With the cloth side of the pad facing up, align the plastic base of the pad with the channels on the base.  Slide into place.  Note the cleaning pad will extend from the end of the base by half.

Why are there 2 cleaning pads ?

Only 1 pad is to be used at a time.  The extra pad is a reserve to be used when the first pad becomes too dirty. Replacement pads are available for purchase.

How often should I clean my records?

This is personal preference but usually records need cleaning when dust or fingerprints are visible.

Can I just place the Orbitrac on top of a record already on the turntable and clean?

We recommend cleaning your records on the included Orbitrac rubber stabilizer pad. Cleaning directly on your turntable may put undue pressure on your main bearing and suspension system.

The cloth on the cleaning pad is getting dirty. How do I clean it?

Brush away dirt after each record cleaning using the provided reviving brush. After repeated cleaning, the pads may need to be replaced.  You can purchase on our website or by calling customer service.

I am running out of cleaning solution. Can I buy more?

Absolutely, we have cleaning solution replacement available for sale on our website.

Will the Orbitrac scratch my vinyl records?

Orbitrac’s unique, soft, anti-static cleaning pad will not scratch vinyl records.  It is important to brush off the cleaning pads after each use to remove any dirt and dust particles.

How long do the cleaning pads last?

Lifespan of the cleaning pads will depend on the amount of use and the condition of the records being cleaned. After each use, brush the Orbitrac cleaning pad to remove dust and dirt.  Continue use until you can no longer brush off dust and dirt.  Replacement 2-pack Orbitrac pads are available at www.allsop.com

How many sprays of cleaning solution are in the bottle?

Lab testing averaged 650 sprays per bottle but individual results may vary.

I have an old Orbitrac. Will the pads from the new one fit my old version?

Yes, the pads from the new Orbitrac Pro 3 will fit the Orbitrac 2 (last generation) units. The pads are not compatible with the older round-shaped Orbitrac. Check that the shape of the pads and the base are similar before purchasing the Orbitrac Pro 3 replacement pads for your older version.

Can the Orbitrac be used on other size records besides 12 inch such as 7 inch 45's?

The Orbitrac was designed for cleaning standard 12″ size records, however it can be used to clean other style/size records including 45’s with the 1 1/2″ hole if you have a plastic 45 record adapter insert (not a turntable adapter). A portion of the Orbitrac pad will hang over the edge of the 7” record during cleaning.

Can I use the Orbitrac on all different types of vinyl (colored, etc).?

The Orbitrac works on different types and colors of vinyl.  Do not use on shellac (78 rpm) records manufactured before the 1950’s.

Why can’t I just clean my records with a cloth?

The Orbitrac cleaning method is more effective on your records than a cloth because the Orbitrac’s rotary motion cleans the grooves of the vinyl evenly and thoroughly. Additionally, the Orbitrac anti-static pads and cleaning fluid were specifically designed and manufactured for cleaning vinyl records.

How does Orbitrac compare to record cleaning machines (RCM) or liquid washing systems?

Complex and expensive record cleaning systems can do a very good job of cleaning vinyl, but they take more time and set-up than the Orbitrac and can cost from $300-$5000. The Orbitrac is a highly effective and thorough vinyl cleaning system that is simple and quick.

There are lots of DIY cleaning suggestions online. Why is Orbitrac better?

Many DIY solutions while innovative, use fluid mixes or methods that may not be ideal for protecting your vinyl collection. We developed Orbitrac so you have a system you know you can trust every use and is safe for your vinyl. Oribtrac was designed by engineers and our fluid has been tested and verified by an independent laboratory.

Will the Orbitrac remove static?

The special Orbitrac cloth is manufactured with anti-static properties built-in. The Orbitrac will clean vinyl of impurities deep within each groove.

Will Orbitrac remove audible pops and clicks that I hear when I play my vinyl?

Yes, the Orbitrac will remove pops, clicks and other sounds caused by dirt or debris that can be removed in the cleaning process. However, if noises are caused by scratches or imperfections on the vinyl, cleaning will not remove the sound.

What is Orbitrac liquid cleaning solution? Is it safe?

The Orbitrac cleaning solution was developed by specialists specifically for cleaning vinyl and has been laboratory tested to ensure the quality and purity of the ingredients. It is designed to clean your vinyl without damage and then quickly evaporate. It is completely safe when used as directed.


I heard that alcohol damages vinyl records. Is Orbitrac safe for my records?

The Orbitrac Pro 3 cleaning solution contains a small amount of pure isopropyl alcohol to aid in spotless evaporation. This formula contains no rubbing compounds, abrasives, or other harmful additives.

When used as directed, this cleaning solution will loosen and lift contaminants away from the record without damaging the vinyl nor the plasticizers or stabilizers used in vinyl records.

Because the Orbitrac solution is sprayed evenly to lightly moisten the cleaning cartridge, only a moderate amount of solution is ever concentrated in one location. This controlled distribution keeps your record from being soaked in one area, and encourages rapid evaporation.

Do not use the cleaning fluid on shellac (78 rpm) records, manufactured before the 1950s.

Where is the Orbitrac made?

The Oribtrac is made in the USA of US (majority) and imported parts.